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Where to Go on Your Honeymoon Travels

Your honeymoon is the first holiday you will take with your husband or wife and the ideal time to spend some quality time with your partner, without the concerns of your day to day life at home.

Planning your honeymoon travels can be tough, as you often want to strike the balance between doing something new, doing things you know you’re going to like and doing absolutely nothing in order to rest and recharge with your loved one.

In the latest Petals Polly Flowers blog post, we take a look at a variety of destinations for your honeymoon travels to help you decide.

Beach Honeymoon

Beach honeymoons are among the most popular locations for honeymoon travels as they offer luxury, fun, beautiful scenery and an abundance of relaxation time, something definitely often in order after planning a wedding.

When you opt for a beach honeymoon, you are likely to have your pick of nearby hotels to stay in, meaning all typical conveniences are on hand. Of course, unless you plan activities for you and your partner and do some research into nearby towns and sights you can explore, you may end up spending most of your time on the beach or within the grounds of the place you are staying.

A beach honeymoon is perfect for those looking to leave the hustle behind and relax, without being confined to a schedule of travel plans.

Adventure Honeymoon

Whether you’re exploring rainforests, climbing mountains or going on safari, adventure honeymoons are a great way to explore new things with your partner and celebrate life as a newly married couple.

Before you take your adventure, it will be necessary to consider any vaccinations you may need and the kinds of clothing suitable for the activities you will be doing.

Travel Around

If you fancy doing something a little different for your honeymoon, why not plan a little adventure? Although travelling holidays can take a little more planning, if you book through a travel agent, they will be able to do the research on your behalf.

When opting for a travelling honeymoon, you will need to consider how much time you will get to spend in each location. You’re likely to be surrounded by a lot of people when you’re on the move, so remember to factor in some time to spend alone with your partner.

We hope this has given you a few ideas for your honeymoon travels. The team at Petals Polly Flowers have been creating silk wedding flowers for many years and can create bespoke designs to suit the theme of your big day. Contact us on 01455 611 971 for more information.

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