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Should You Buy A High Street Wedding Dress in Leicester?

Finding the perfect wedding dress for your big day is the most important part of your wedding, and many brides-to-be are now looking at gracing the aisle with a high street wedding dress. You want to look absolutely flawless and walk down the aisle feeling the best you’ve ever felt – but finding the right wedding dress at the right price has always been a problem.

Many retailers and high street shops in Leicester have begun introducing bridal wear into their collections including Monsoon and Reiss, opening a door of options for women who are concerned about the cost of a wedding. The average wedding costs £20,186, so it’s no wonder that the high streets have started offering bridal wear and begun capitalising on the wedding industry.

Many millennials are now looking at cutting down the costs of their wedding wherever possible, so why not start with the wedding dress? Although this is a more recent development in the fashion industry, it has become notoriously difficult to find a budget friendly wedding dress. We’ve put together some pros and cons of buying a high street wedding dress in Leicester to help you choose:


Price – The main reason for many is the price tag. A high street wedding dress will cost a fraction of the price of a designer one. For those who are looking to save a few pounds here and there, if possible, the wedding dress is always an option. For a high-quality couture designer dress, you’re looking at a price tag roughly around £2,000+, whereas a high street wedding dress could cost you as little as £35.

On trend – With many of the wedding dresses found on the high street in Leicester, they’ll often follow the current trends within the bridal industry – with lace becoming hugely popular for weddings recently. There are so many styles readily available, you won’t run out of options.

Sizes – With any high street dresses, you’ll be certain to find a dress in your size, so you won’t have to worry about alterations and amendments. You can even buy a couple of sizes to check which one fits best due to their low price.


Label – Many brides will wish they were walking down in a stunning designer label, but sometimes it’s not always possible due to finances. Nothing from a high street will beat Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen lace dress.

Fit – One of the main issues with a high street wedding dress is that if it’s bought online, it might not necessarily fit well. With a designer or commissioned wedding dress, you’re guaranteed a perfect fit, custom made to fit your body and shape. With any high street dress, it’s best to buy one in a number of sizes to see which one will fit best.

Design – We’ve all seen the pictures online of women who have bought a wedding dress from eBay and it’s all out of shape, creased and clearly not representative of what the picture advertised it as. Be careful with buying cheap dresses from market stores online as more often than not, they won’t look like the picture. Have a browse on the high street in Leicester, look online and do some research before settling on a dress.

2017 will definitely see an increase in high street wedding dresses as it’s evident that high street shops are upping their stocks and range of designs. There are plenty of high street stores in Leicester selling beautiful wedding dresses such as Reiss, Zara, Monsoon amongst many others. ASOS and Needle and Thread are also great online stores offering a range of affordable wedding dresses to suit your budget.

Once you’ve settled on the dress, don’t forget to book your wedding flowers from our range of gorgeous silk flowers. If you’d like to make a custom order then head to our contact page and we’ll be in touch with you ASAP.

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