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Four Unique Ways To Propose To Your Partner

Proposing to the love of your life is a completely nerve-wrecking experience, but trying to think of unique ways to propose is tough when so many people have already been there and done it. There are no rules when it comes to proposing, so it’s up to you whether you want to wow your partner in public or make it an intimate private moment. You only propose once (hopefully), so making it count is important.

We’ve put our creativity to the test and collated four great and unique ways to propose to your partner to make it a memory they’ll never forget.

Personalised Advent Calendar

Using a personalised advent calendar is a great way of hiding the engagement ring and surprising them when they open it. Place the engagement ring on day 25 and when they open it, you’ll be on your knee, ready to propose and make it the best Christmas morning imaginable. Christmas is a time to be with loved ones, and there’s a number of unique ways to propose to your partner on the day so be creative!

A Surprise Pet

Surprise your partner with a new kitten or puppy and tie the ring around their collar with a little tag and a heartwarming written message. When it runs up to them in excitement they’ll notice the ring on their collar. Not only is there a new member of the family but now they have a proposal!

Wow Them At Work

If you’re considering some unique ways to propose in public to your partner then their work office is a great option. Deliver a bunch of flowers to their workplace and arrange for one of their colleagues to signal you to come in once they have seen the ring, then get down on one knee and pop the question! Treasure the memory of your proposal with some of our beautiful silk flowers.

Mystery Holiday Proposal

Whisk your partner away on a secret weekend break to somewhere in the Mediterranean, and surprise them with a ring on a stunning cliff face while the sun sets. If you prefer a more intimate setting then take a boat out to the sunset and you’ll be sure to impress.

If you’ve been thinking of different unique ways to propose and are looking to tie the knot with your loved one then Petals Polly Flowers have a range of different flowers to suit your special day. You don’t have to fuss about the life of your flowers and any damage they might receive due to travel as they’re all beautifully handmade with silk. Call us on 01455 611 971 once you’ve got your answer; we look forward to congratulating you!

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